About us

About us.

This is a very short version but I hope You still find it interesting...

We are a family of 4 people and 5 dogs: Mum Helena, dad Peter, daugther Sofia, son Fredrik and the dogs Maya, Mayas daughters Nemi and Doris and Doris daughter Saga. We live in Nynäshamn, in Sweden. Sofia and Fredrik no longer live at home. Sofia spends much of the day at Helena and Peters house because Sofia is working with Helena.

We just love Portuguese Waterdogs. We never thought it would be possible for us to have a dog because Peter is allergic to animals. You can imagine our happiness that it is going so well having 6 dogs at most, Peter doesn´t have any problem at all with his allergy.

Our first pwd, Selma was born in March 2005 (Selma left us with great sorrow in September 2017) and Alice was born in September 2005 (Alice left us with great sorrow in April 2018). Selma and Alice was halfsisters.

Selma didn't want to have puppies and therefore she was the one who namned the kennel insted. She truly was an amazing girl!

Alice wanted to have puppies so her and our first litter was born 22 of March 2008. It was very exciting to follow the puppies. In the beginning they were so helpless but only 8 weeks later they were ready to move from us - it is just fantastic, don´t you think?!?

Maya was the first puppy to be born - she was so cute and we fell in love with her at once - of course she had to stay with us! The next litter was born 24th of June 2009. We had no plans saving a puppy from this litter. The destiny wanted us to have Bella.

2012 Nemi was born, we could not be separated from her. Nemi and Maya lives with Sofia and Michael.

In 2015 a new familymember was born - Doris, a brown beauty och in 2017 our youngest familymember -  Doris daughter Saga was born.

In 2018 Doris daughter Saga entered the family (Saga lives with Sofia)!

Our puppies grows up in our home. When they are born they live in, what we call the "whelping-room". When they are about 2 weeks old they moves to a room we call the "puppie-room", which is a larger room. Both rooms are located in our house and the puppies lives with us. 

This is a Swedish-version but this is how our puppies grows up with us: http://amazingselmas.se/valpar/valparnastidhososs.html

We try to give them as much love, care and stimulation we can with a lot of contact with human beings.

Our goal with the breeding is to "create" healthy dogs with good mentality!

The Ekström family looks lika this, From the left: Peter, Helena & Sofia

And our girls:

Nemi, Doris, Bella, Maya & Saga