To buy a puppy from us

Our dogs are family members and of course the puppies grow up in our home.

For us it is important to create such a safe, secure and stimulating environment for the puppies and that they live as "family-like" as it is possible.

As they leave us, they have experienced the noise of the vacuum cleaner, the food processor, scrambled in the kitchen, the doorbell, family members and friends who come and go, etc.

Our puppies are family members until they move and we expect the families of our puppies make sure that the puppy / dog becomes a family member, not just a new pet.

Read more about what we expect from our puppy buyers "here".

When the puppies move from us, it's like leaving your babies away. We carefully choose which families we want our babies to move to.

In addition, we reserve the right to choose puppy for each family.

We live with the puppies 24 hours a day and get to know each individual.

Of course, one can have wishes (for example, if it is a male or female male), but for us it is most important that the individual suits the family and the puppies are not sold according to the color it has.

The puppies are sold:

- registered in according to the Swedish Kennelclubs (SKK) rules

- Wormed, chipped, vaccinated and veterinary inspected

- with a "Hidden Failure Insurance" for 3 years at Agria

- Portie cut (if it is not winter puppies) to preserve the breed's history.

With the puppy following:

- "Welcome Puppy" information from SKK

- a blanket that smells of "safety", the smell of mom and our home

- information compendium on for example feed, fur care etc.

- certificate of registration, pedigree

- veterinary inspection certificate (which is max 7 days old)